Hey, it’s Bojan again. In this video you are going to learn probably the most powerful technique to improve your health and reverse your aging at the same time. I call this technique “POWER BREATHING”, it’s so effective that it can change your health profoundly and simply by applying it on a daily base. If you suffer from ongoing health problems and low energy, then you really should stay tuned in and watch this video to the very end.

But before we dive into the content, I will give you a quick overview why POWER BREATHING is the base for better health, energy and happiness. Life starts and ends by taking a breath and it is obvious that we should fill out lives with good breathing habits. By the way, you take around 20000 breaths a day, so it is really worthwhile to do this correctly. Your body needs a lot of oxygen to function properly and to help to get rid waste products like carbon monoxide. Every cell in your body actually needs lots of oxygen.

Did you know that breathing affects your whole body, the nervous system, the heart, the digestive system, your muscles, it affects your sleep, your energy levels and even your concentration and memory. Breathing is also your largest system for waste removal. Imagine, 70% of the waste products produced in your body are supposed to be removed through breathing. And this may surprise many people; only 30% is removed through your skin and only 10% remains for the kidneys and the digestive system. And then you not only breathe in oxygen but also life energy or qi in every breath we take.

It is actually interesting that today many people are conscious about what they drink and what they eat but very few think about how they breath! Studies show that more than 90% of sick people practice upper chest breathing. With chest breathing you breath ventures mainly into the upper parts or the lungs, which transports 7 times less oxygen in comparison with the lower parts. This means it is an extremely ineffective breathing, causing strongly reduced oxygenation of arterial blood in the lungs, which leads to reduced cell oxygenation, the driving force of all chronic diseases and fast aging. I have observed also that with ongoing stress we tend to breathe even more into the upper chest, stimulating the sympathetic, or flight and fight branch of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The solution to reverse this vicious circle is POWER BREATHING also known as abdominal breathing. I have to admit that I did not have any idea about my breathing pattern, until I started with Qi Gong exercises many years ago, and it changed profoundly my life. POWER BREATHING gives signals immediately to the brain, the threat is then overcome and the parasympathetic nervous system will start to normalize overactive biochemical and physiological processes in the body.

Now after giving you strong reasons into why you need to correct your breathing and why it is so important, I would like to explain how to do it.

POWER BREATHING is basically deep abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. Which means, you inhale downwards into the belly, so that your belly is expanding when you are inhaling and retracting. At the same time you also inhale a bit deeper and also exhale a bit longer than you are used to. Let me show you how this looks like. Whilst inhaling, my belly expands, as you can see and when I am exhaling, it goes back to normal.

Once again, inhaling and exhaling. With this breathing technique you experience immediately a calming and relaxing effect, and you will also realize that you’ll take fewer but more effective breathes. You also absorb more oxygen and release more waste products with each breath. As an added bonus you add more life energy, Qi, to your body, which makes also your immune system stronger.

One of my Chi Gong masters used to say that Abdominal Breathing is like a return to childhood. Abdominal breathing not only makes us breath like we did when we where children, it can also rejuvenate bodily functions and organs. A child still unaffected by the habits and defense mechanisms we learn as adults to breathe always naturally.

Now, when you try POWER BREATHING or Abdominal Breathing for the first time, simply relax and imagine that you are inhaling into your abdominal area, instead into your chest. This requires for sure a new awareness and also a bit of training. Once again, try not to hold your breath, or not to take deep breaths, even though many teachers cause a lot of confusion by using the term deep breathing. As soon you are more aware of your breathing, you’ll inhale and exhale automatically a bit longer.

Here’s another tip to correct your breathing: Simply lie down on the bed and place one hand on your chest and then place the other hand on your abdominal area. Then breathe normally, try to notice which hand is moving most. If the hand on your abdomen is moving and the hand on your upper chest is still, you are practicing POWER BREATHING correctly. Check this please on a regular basis to ensure your breathing is correct and relaxed.

Start with your new way of POWER BREATHING today and keep practicing. It took me a couple of weeks to change to these new technique’s and today I would need to force myself to practice chest breathing. It would feel totally unnatural and stressful.

I hope you enjoy the value of this technique and if you would like to learn more and easy to apply Longevity strategies, then go to and find out about my upcoming live seminars where You will learn the more powerful and effective strategies I use for myself and my clients.

I wish you all the best and take care.