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Can Correct Breathing Really Heal The Body?


Hey, it’s Bojan again. In this video you are going to learn probably the most powerful technique to improve your health and reverse your aging at the same time. I call this technique “POWER BREATHING”, it’s so effective that it can change your health profoundly and simply by applying it on a daily base. If you suffer from ongoing health problems and low energy, then you really should stay tuned in and watch this video to the very end.

But before we dive into the content, I will give you a quick overview why POWER BREATHING is the base for better health, energy and happiness. Life starts and ends by taking a breath and it is obvious that we should fill out lives with good breathing habits. By the way, you take around 20000 breaths a day, so it is really worthwhile to do this correctly. Your body needs a lot of oxygen to function properly and to help to get rid waste products like carbon monoxide. Every cell in your body actually needs lots of oxygen.

Did you know that breathing affects your whole body, the nervous system, the heart, the digestive system, your muscles, it affects your sleep, your energy levels and even your concentration and memory. Breathing is also your largest system for waste removal. Imagine, 70% of the waste products produced in your body are supposed to be removed through breathing. And this may surprise many people; only 30% is removed through your skin and only 10% remains for the kidneys and the digestive system. And then you not only breathe in oxygen but also life energy or qi in every breath we take.

It is actually interesting that today many people are conscious about what they drink and what they eat but very few think about how they breath! Studies show that more than 90% of sick people practice upper chest breathing. With chest breathing you breath ventures mainly into the upper parts or the lungs, which transports 7 times less oxygen in comparison with the lower parts. This means it is an extremely ineffective breathing, causing strongly reduced oxygenation of arterial blood in the lungs, which leads to reduced cell oxygenation, the driving force of all chronic diseases and fast aging. I have observed also that with ongoing stress we tend to breathe even more into the upper chest, stimulating the sympathetic, or flight and fight branch of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The solution to reverse this vicious circle is POWER BREATHING also known as abdominal breathing. I have to admit that I did not have any idea about my breathing pattern, until I started with Qi Gong exercises many years ago, and it changed profoundly my life. POWER BREATHING gives signals immediately to the brain, the threat is then overcome and the parasympathetic nervous system will start to normalize overactive biochemical and physiological processes in the body.

Now after giving you strong reasons into why you need to correct your breathing and why it is so important, I would like to explain how to do it.

POWER BREATHING is basically deep abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. Which means, you inhale downwards into the belly, so that your belly is expanding when you are inhaling and retracting. At the same time you also inhale a bit deeper and also exhale a bit longer than you are used to. Let me show you how this looks like. Whilst inhaling, my belly expands, as you can see and when I am exhaling, it goes back to normal.

Once again, inhaling and exhaling. With this breathing technique you experience immediately a calming and relaxing effect, and you will also realize that you’ll take fewer but more effective breathes. You also absorb more oxygen and release more waste products with each breath. As an added bonus you add more life energy, Qi, to your body, which makes also your immune system stronger.

One of my Chi Gong masters used to say that Abdominal Breathing is like a return to childhood. Abdominal breathing not only makes us breath like we did when we where children, it can also rejuvenate bodily functions and organs. A child still unaffected by the habits and defense mechanisms we learn as adults to breathe always naturally.

Now, when you try POWER BREATHING or Abdominal Breathing for the first time, simply relax and imagine that you are inhaling into your abdominal area, instead into your chest. This requires for sure a new awareness and also a bit of training. Once again, try not to hold your breath, or not to take deep breaths, even though many teachers cause a lot of confusion by using the term deep breathing. As soon you are more aware of your breathing, you’ll inhale and exhale automatically a bit longer.

Here’s another tip to correct your breathing: Simply lie down on the bed and place one hand on your chest and then place the other hand on your abdominal area. Then breathe normally, try to notice which hand is moving most. If the hand on your abdomen is moving and the hand on your upper chest is still, you are practicing POWER BREATHING correctly. Check this please on a regular basis to ensure your breathing is correct and relaxed.

Start with your new way of POWER BREATHING today and keep practicing. It took me a couple of weeks to change to these new technique’s and today I would need to force myself to practice chest breathing. It would feel totally unnatural and stressful.

I hope you enjoy the value of this technique and if you would like to learn more and easy to apply Longevity strategies, then go to http://TheSecretOfLongevity.com.au and find out about my upcoming live seminars where You will learn the more powerful and effective strategies I use for myself and my clients.

I wish you all the best and take care. 

The Longevity Phenomenon – Unlocking The Qi Gong Secret

Qi Gong for Gentle Practices to Increase Energy, Restore Health, and Relax the Mind

A saying is; “You can’t put an old head on young shoulders” and many of us wish that we could enjoy the wisdom that we have cultivated in our older years to benefit us in our younger days.

Here, I share with you some powerful insights about a very powerful self-healing tool that is in my opinion, is the best anti-aging strategy you can employ to increase your energy, supercharge your immune system, develop inner peace and enhance longevity.  What I am talking about is the wisdom cultivated from the powerful ancient healing and energy system of Qi Gong, developed in China over 2500 years ago. Since 1987, I have been training with Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and this has helped me to keep my body strong, vital and flexible, and my mind calm and balanced over many years.  In fact, I can say that my mind-body system is so much stronger and more powerful than even 20 years ago.

Qi Gong Combines Ancient Wisdom And Modern Science

You may have heard of Qi Gong, it is a combination of two principals: qi, is the Life Force that permeates all living beings, and gong, the skill of working with this force. Qi Gong consists primarily of meditation, breathing exercises, postural stretching, deep breathing low-impact conditioning and isometrix. Qi Gong is also divided in 4 categories. One is the Medical Qi Gong, then Spiritual Qi Gong, Sports Qi Gong and Martial Arts Qi Gong. Qi Gong is easy to learn, but mastering it requires dedication and perseverance. And very important, if Qi Gong is practiced correctly, it does not has any side effects.

Qi Gong has roots in the ancient Chinese Taoist system that has been around for over 5000 years. In the early 1980’s, scientists in China began to study the medical benefits claimed for qigong. Since then, research on hundreds of medical applications of qigong have been reported in the Chinese literature and all over the world.

Qi Gong Stands For Superlative Health and Anti-Aging Benefits

Qi Gong has a strong body of clinical and experimental proof. Perhaps the most important benefit of Qi Gong lies in its ability to profoundly reduce stress in the body-mind system. Persistent stress creates physical and mental tension, leading to a host of illnesses and disease.  The practice of Qi Gong teaches you to deal intelligently with stress, harness deep, inner calm and peace whilst keeping the body relaxed, supple and strong.

Qi Gong strengthens the heart muscle and increases the amount of blood flow circulating around the body.  As a result more oxygen can be delivered to the tissues allowing a better detoxification. Good circulation is very important for healthy brain functioning. Did you know that the brain utilizes 20 percent of all available oxygen of your body? For this reason a deficiency of oxygenated blood can expose you to migraines, headaches and also mood swings. This also explain why Qi Gong helps with memory and retards senility.

There is scientific studies that show Qi Gong lowering high blood pressure and heart rate. I believe that the relaxation and abdominal breathing causes the blood vessels to relax, which can be the cause for a blood pressure reduction in combination with the relaxation effect.

Qi Gong Can Improve Brain Function

Another area you can improve with Qi Gong is your Digestive System. For example abdominal breathing stimulates and massages your digestive organs. I have also experienced that Qi Gong improves appetite. I have observed regularly an increased production of saliva during and also after my Qi Gong practice. I assume that Qi Gong also stimulates hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, so that optimal levels are maintained with advanced age. As you perhaps know, reduced hydrochloric acid levels and bad digestion are the classical signs of aging. Qi Gong is also strengthening the muscles that push food through the alimentary canal.

As well as improving the heart, circulatory and digestive system, there is also evidence that Qi Gong can improve brain function. There is evidence that Qi Gong slows down brain waves, from the beta, which is the state when we are fully conscious and active, to alpha or even slower. The alpha state is a state of lets say relaxed concentration during a typical meditation. What is interesting is that if you focus on with a certain intention or goal during your Qi Gong practice, then more powerful alpha waves are produced in the left side of your brain, which is related more to cognitive or rational functions. And if you keep you mind empty, or you are practicing with simply awareness, then the right brain hemisphere is more stimulated.

Another most important benefit of Qi Gong is the positive effect on the immune system. My personal experience for the last 23 years is that I hardly have had any sick days since I have been practicing Qi Gong. There is a lot of evidence of the immune-enhancing effects coming from cancer research in China, where Qi Gong is commonly prescribed as an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation. And finally the emotional effect of Qi Gong is as important than the energetic effect. Also, by practicing Qi Gong the patient can feel more empowered by being able to do something for themself. Numerous studies have shown that self-empowered patients have a more positive mindset and recover faster from any kind of disease.

As the benefits of Qi Gong are too numerous to cover in detail here, I will cover just a few of the important benefits in short video. 

Qi Gong A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

After listening to all these amazing health benefits it is not surprising that Qi Gong is in fact an excellent Anti Aging tool. We all know that nobody can change our chronological age, but there is a way to improve many of the biomarkers of aging, or in other words, slowing down or even reversing our biological or functional age. Your major biomarkers of aging are blood pressure, cholesterol levels, kidney function, vision and hearing, bone density, muscle strength, immune function and many more. Qi Gong can definitely help you to reverse your biological age. Another aspect is also the spiritual side of Anti-Aging. I belief if we keep our mind and spirit healthy and young, our body stays young too.

I hope you can now appreciate the tremendous value of practicing Qi Gong. It has changed my life and I hope I could motivate and inspire you to start with your Qi Gong exercises as soon as possible. A good start could be my DVD “The Healing Art Of Qi Gong”, or another good way to start is to participate in one of my upcoming seminars.


Interview with Max Sterling

Max SterlingMax Sterling is The Thailand Project seminar instructor for all English language seminars. His extraordinary step into the new Russian knowledge inspires all participants, even those speaking other languages.

Due to the abstract creative skills required in his IT career, Max’s right-brain qualities were activated and developed, and through this experience he now brings to you, from Russia with love, the new knowledge.

His wonderful results first on himself, later on his loved ones, and then with others, shows everybody his skills in practice.

Max’s goal and intention is that you will receive this knowledge through your own experience. His lovable handling of the participants and the whole team brings even more light into the already shining Thailand. The participants carry this and more back into their world.

The Promise Of Energy Medicine

Hi everybody, its Bojan.

Welcome to Beyond Good Health TV. Today I will answer a question that I get all the time. “How can I benefit from Energy Medicine”?

Some of you may have heard and experience energy medicine before, but what is this really and why does it work? I will try to answer this question within 8 minutes or so, and I also assume that I do not need to convince you about the usefulness of alternative medicine. In case you are new to this, then the next couple of minutes will bring a completely different view about your being in your awareness, which will be very empowering for you.

I have been studying and practicing Energy Medicine and Healing for almost 15 years now. Yet, I am still a hungry student hunting for even better and faster results. So the next couple of minutes may totally change how you view your body and your health. Now let me start with the big picture. Everybody experiences physical pain, for example stomach pain. I had stomach pains quite a few times when I was younger. I remembered during those moments I was thinking about my body — totally from a physical point of view. As a matter of fact, this is also how most people think.

Follow me and imagine for a moment that you are a biologist. Biologists think at much smaller levels; levels of cells, molecules or even atoms. At this level, we are talking about cells and biochemistry. Do you know that our body is made up of 100 trillion individual cells and they form different types of tissues such as liver tissues, heart tissues, and muscle tissues? The biologist Dr Bruce Lipton described our cells as “miniature humans” in his book “The biology of Belief”.

If you are not used to think within this micro world, because we normally don’t do this, then you may be surprised to know about this mind-blowing internal world of your body. Imagine, each of your 100 trillion cells have a mini version of a nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system and even an immune system. However, this does not end here. Each and every cell of your body is an intelligent being that can survive on its own. Scientists can demonstrate this easily by simply growing a cell in a culture. Bruce Lipton also suggests that, and now listen carefully, your cells have an intent and a purpose of its own. This is amazing! It totally changes the way you view your body as a pure physical body.

But that’s not all. All of your cells communicate and interact with each other. If you think that’s enough mind stretch for today, I want to lead you into a much smaller unit. Your cells are built from molecules, which are built from atoms. Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects; your desk, the air and for sure, your entire body. Basically, Atoms are made out of three basic particles — the protons, neutrons and electrons. From the 17th centuries until the early 20th centuries, atoms were known as the smallest known units that form matter. Today, quantum mechanics are implying that atoms are primarily empty space, filled by waves of light and information. In his book, “Vibrational Medicine”, physician Richard Gerber described all matter as “frozen light” with a specific frequency. Several ancient teachings see humans as the children of light, and interestingly, new research is showing us the same thing.

Now you see how we went from viewing the human body as mere matter, towards the other extreme that the body is made of pattern of light and information. It is very important for you to understand this in order to really grasp the idea why Energy Medicine and Energy Healing integrate wonderfully with your true nature as a being of light.

Another very important aspect, which influences your health more than anything else, is your thoughts.

Now let me explain this. All your single cells are influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes, as well as, the energies of your environment. This is vital for your healing process. It simply means that every disease starts from your cellular level. This is also the same level where healing takes place. This means you always heal from inside out, and not outside in. In a more practical sense, your body is not a machine where it is possible to cut out the old parts and replace them with new ones in order to remove a problem. Nor you can take a drug that removes miraculously a symptom and resets your body like a computer. Although this would be great, but this is not how it works simply because the symptom of the problem originated on a cellular level through your thoughts, beliefs and the energies surrounding you.

For this reason, which is remarkably true, the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho wrote “You are what you believe yourself to be.” This leads to a new understanding of our body and our health. For me, this is the same with energy medicine or energy healing.

Now we know the true nature of our body is light and information. We also know that our cells can be influenced by our thought which is energy and information. The conclusion is that every healing process of our body can be influenced by energy and information. This is exactly why Energy Medicine is focusing on the Human Energy Field, the integration of light, energy and information with the body, mind and spirit of the person. Initially, it aims to remove energy blockages and stress, and balance the body’s energies.

Energy healing has a very long history. It probably goes way back 10 thousands of years. I myself have studied quite a few ancient healing tools. One of the most effective energy healing systems is the Chinese Qi Gong which has been around for 5000 years. I personally can say that Qi Gong, which I studied and practiced for more than 20 years, totally transformed my body and helped me master energy healing on a highest level. Qi Gong also helped me multiply my energy sensitivity to a master level. This allows me to sense balance energetic disturbances in a human body fast and with great accuracy. In my clinics, I combine ancient wisdom with modern science. In practical terms, I combine Naturopathy, which I studied in Germany, with Homeopathy, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with ancient energy healing. My passion is also to support my clients in getting rid of emotional stresses, which are based on their beliefs. This makes clear why working only on a symptomatic level brings often only short term relief. If the root cause of the problem is still the same and not addressed, then another symptom will be created in a different area of your body.

I hope you can see the tremendous value of Energy Healing, because this healing matches, in the best way possible, with your true nature as a being of light.

Thanks for watching. Please do leave your comments below and share with us your experience with energy medicine.

Be your best every single day! Bojan, Beyond Good Health TV

Staying Healthy in a High Tech World

“Staying Healthy in a High Tech World” with Bojan Schianetz

How to Make And Use Kombucha Tea And Supercharge Your Immune System

“How to Make And Use Kombucha Tea And Supercharge Your Immune System” with Dr Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv. Today what I would
like to show you is an amazing, inexpensive way to add cultured fermented
foods into your diet. We’re going to actually show you how to make some
kombucha tea.

Kombucha tea is a very ancient healing beverage that’s a fabulous drink.
It’s very healthy for you. It’s been used for thousands of years for
cleansing, for detoxification, for improving the digestive system and
helping you maintain a healthy immune system.

What I’d like to show you is how simple it is to make your own kombucha tea
which will save you a ton of money, for really essentially cents on the

As you can see, in here we have the scoby, which is actually a mushroom-
like culture. Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of binary yeast. It’s
really like a jelly-like type of membrane culture. It looks like a
mushroom. It’s not a mushroom. It’s composed of layers of tatsu [SP],
beneficial yeast and bacteria. It sits in a nutrient, which is a solution
of black or green tea and sugar. This is the amount of sugar that you might
have to put in to make the drink. You don’t have to be frightened about
that amount of sugar because by the time the scoby culture is finished with
it, that sugar is mostly gone because it uses that as fuel.

I’ll show you how I actually make this at home. I’ve shown a couple of
containers that you can use to make a kombucha tea. You can preferably use
glass or ceramic, but definitely not plastic or metal because it will eat
away at that. I found a really great container from Myers, by Maxwell
Williams. It’s just perfect because it has a nice, big, wide mouth. It’s
even really good for the sauerkraut as well. I love this container. I just
bought it recently.

You want to get a pot, for example a teapot. I just make mine in a good,
ordinary teapot. I take some hot water and add it to the teapot. You want
to use filtered water, not distilled water or dead water. A good, filtered
water would be ideal. Spring water is even better.

Then you add to that a couple of teaspoons of either black or green tea. I
like green tea because it has a lot of antioxidants in it. It’s not as
strong as black tea and has less caffeine than black tea. A couple of
teaspoons will make enough, or you could use five teabags if you don’t have
the herbal leaves.

Then you add in about 50 or 60 grams of sugar, either raw sugar or white
sugar. Kombucha is extremely healing. It has so many beneficial anti-aging
properties. A lot of people drink it because it will improve your skin. It
has a lot of health benefits, as I said before. Cleansing, improving your
immune system, for helping you stay younger, essentially. You want a nice
little cocktail that you can make yourself at home for pennies on the
dollar. It’s a really good beverage to start adding into your repertoire in
your kitchen.

So essentially, that’s it. It’s just black tea or green tea and sugar, and
then I would leave this to cool completely down. You don’t want to add hot
tea to your kombucha culture because that’s going to kill off the culture.
This will turn this culture into a fantastic beverage for you and your
family to enjoy.

Now I’ve got my tea that has completely cooled down, the tea that contains
sugar and my green tea. I will want to transfer most of this kombucha drink
to a different container. Leave about 10% at the bottom. You can filter
this, if you like. You can see it’s almost effervescent. It looks like
champagne, and it has a slightly sweet/sour vinegar taste.

You will actually leave this kombucha to ferment for about 10 to 14 days,
depending on the temperature. Obviously, in summer in places like
Australia, it’s going to ferment a lot quicker than in cold places. If
you’re in a cold place, you might want to use a heating element underneath
to keep the temperature constant. But otherwise, in somewhere like sunny
Queensland, where I live, where the weather is just gorgeous and beautiful
and temperate all year round, you want to leave it for about 10 to 14 days.
Occasionally, taste it until you see that it’s actually just the right

The medicinal value comes when it’s almost like vinegar and it has a really
particular smell to it, much like apple cider vinegar. You can see that now
I’ve got only about 10% left in that culture. You want to use some of that
to start the new culture, and then just add in the tea that you’ve cooled
down. I’ll add that in now. I normally filter it so I get all the tea
leaves out. And that is it.

I normally will fill it right up to the top. You now have basically a
little chemical factory that makes a lot of organic acids like glucuronic
acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acids, citric acid, as well as enzymes like
bromelain papain, which helps you digest your protein, break down proteins,
and really help rejuvenate your body and helps repair your body. It also
contains some vitamins, especially B vitamins, which is helpful for energy
and vitality and the cleansing process.

This nutrient-rich, healing beverage is just fabulous for transforming your
health and is particularly good for your digestive system. So if you have
issues like constipation or acne or skin problems, then you’ve got to
really know that all starts with the gut. You can start to cultivate your
digestive system with friendly bacteria in a way that is very easy to
drink. It tastes a little bit like champagne.

Sometimes if I want to really spoil myself, I will actually have some
kombucha, and then I’ll add a little bit of champagne to it, maybe about
ten percent champagnes. This is what I did over Christmas. Really, it
actually tastes divine. You can really make a drink that’s extremely good
for you. You can see it’s almost effervescent now. You can strain out the
little debris that collects down at the bottom.

This will be a fabulous tool for you and your family to enjoy and really
transform your health, vitality, and beauty at a cellular level.

This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.com.

How to Use Kombucha Tea With Super Nutrients

“How to Use Kombucha Tea With Super Nutrients” with Dr Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV.

Video Transcription

Hi. This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv. Welcome back. I’m
going to show you a variation on the kombucha tea that is really wonderful
for your health and vitality that you can just use to supercharge your

I probably drink about two glasses of kombucha tea a day. Most days I add
in a lot of the other super foods or super nutrients that I would take in
with my kombucha tea, because it just makes more sense that I can add a lot
of things together.

I’m going to show you a couple of steps that I do to actually create this.
I call it the aloe vera kombucha tea or coconut kefir margarita.

I just have a blender. I would take my kombucha tea, which is in this
wonderful container. To remind you, when you store your kombucha, you like
to do it in a dark container. I would use a tea cloth, something like that,
cover it very lightly and loose, and you put a rubber band on top, in
something that allows the kombucha culture to breathe. I personally like
containers like a casserole dish and you can put a lid on, but it’s loose
enough so that there’s oxygen getting to the kombucha culture.

Now you might add a cup of kombucha tea. You can add more or less, whatever
takes your fancy. If you don’t want it strong, you can dilute it with an
equal amount of filtered water as well. Then I would add in the juice of
one lemon.

I take some aloe vera from my garden. I don’t bother actually taking the
leaves or the sides off; I put the whole thing in. You can use a small one
or a big fat one like I have. You can use as much as you like, according to
taste. Since this is quite a big one, I’m going to probably use half of
that and pop that it. Aloe vera is a super food. It has wonderful healing
properties for the digestive system. It’s very cleansing as well.

You can stop here, and basically with that add some stevia to make it a
little bit sweeter. Not much stevia. It depends on your taste. I just add a
pinch. It’s also good to add a little bit of sea salt to make it sweeter. A
pinch of sea salt is great. I’ve already got some in my lemon drink.

I also use the CHI Detox Formula One, which we actually have in our clinic.
It’s a fabulous way to open up all your elimination channels – your liver,
your kidneys, the lymphatics, the digestive system – so that the toxins can
drain easily out of your organs. I would put in 30 drops of that into this

From here, it’s all optional. You can add in a teaspoon of MSM,
methylsulfonylmethane, which is a sulfur mineral, a buchi mineral as well.
You can add a teaspoon of that to your drink. It’s wonderful. It has anti-
inflammatory benefits, and it’s also very good for the skin, hair and
nails. It helps rebuild connective tissue.

You can also add in any other minerals that you might have on hand in your
kitchen. Some magnesium drops for me, some trace elements. As I said, these
are all optional. You can add some vitamin C.

This really allows me to have one drink that delivers fantastic healing
benefits to my body and my immune system every day. From here I’m going to
take it to my blender and then I’ll see you in a few moments.

So that’s basically blend it up. I’m going to pop it into a glass. I can
use this one here. You can see that it’s nice and foamy. It has a slightly
green tint because of the aloe vera. It’s just beautiful to drink.

If it’s a little bit strong, you can either dilute it with water, or you
can actually substitute the kombucha tea with coconut kefir, which I love
as well. Coconut kefir is very good, full of enzymes and friendly bacteria.

Wow, that is amazing. That’s really going to help me have a lot more energy
today. I’m about to go and visit parents on their farm.

Ciao. This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv

Are You Ready To Move Forward In 2012

We used the last day of the year 2011 to reflect the year but also what we want to purposefully create in 2012. 

To share some of our insights we shot a video for you this morning at the beach…

Remember, the most important and useful revelation that you may want to embrace in 2012 is SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.

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