How To Turn BIG Problems Into Powerful Solutions

Why are problems so hard to overcome? Is it just the way they are or is there another way to handle problems that could make problem solving effortless? Dr Dzung Price and Bojan Schianetz reveal the answers to these life changing questions and how every problem offers an equally powerful solution, if you could just learn to interpret the powerful, hidden messages within it.

They also detail why the energy you give to a problem can be the reason why it never goes away or gets resolved. You’ll also learn how to interpret the messages problems bring more accurately.

Video Transcription

Dr. Dzung Price: Hi, this is Dr. Dzung Price.

Bojan Schianetz: Hi, this is Bojan Schianetz from

Dr. Dzung Price: It’s an awfully beautiful afternoon, isn’t it?

Bojan Schianetz: I love these afternoons. It’s amazingly hot, but here in
the shade it’s quite great, isn’t it? So it’s a fantastic
feeling, being here and not having any major worries and
problems. This is what we are talking about now, isn’t it,
you talk about problems.

Dr. Dzung Price: We’re going to talk about how problems are also the

Bojan Schianetz: Oh, really. How?

Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah. Well, inside every problem there is actually a
solution, but what we did is we put all our energies and
focus into the problem and really both of us, we actually
see clients and really they come to see us with lots of
problems, from health problems to personal problems,
financial crisis, you know all sorts of challenges.

Bojan Schianetz: Weight problems.

Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah. Exactly.

Bojan Schianetz: Isn’t it.

Dr. Dzung Price: And most people are fixated on that issue, on the
challenges. Really, what do you think, what is the
definition of problems?

Bojan Schianetz: Well, a problem is an obstacle. I want to achieve
something and there’s something in between. I can’t do it,
or somebody’s in between or I don’t have the money and
that’s the obstacle that’s keeping me basically from
achieving my goal.

Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah. So really, in summary, it means it’s an obstacle
that is currently beyond your capacity to solve it. So it
means that you’re under-resourced or you don’t have the
current capabilities or skill set to be able to overcome
that problem. So you perceive it to be bigger than you are
currently. What we want to do is how can we actually move
from the problem state into the solution mindset state,
where your life becomes more of ease and grace? That’s
actually the key question, because really the problem is
merely you having a resistance to the situation, and that
means that the problem isn’t actually the person or the
situation, it’s just how you view that issue or that
situation that brings a problem for you.

Bojan Schianetz: That’s actually interesting. You’re mentioning resistance.
Does this mean we should give up resistance to the problem?
It’s just helping further?

Dr. Dzung Price: Yes, because when you resist something, you put a lot of
energy and focus and attention on it. So you make a
mountain out of a mole hill. That further aggravates, and
it clouds your view and clouds your judgment and you can’t
see anything else because you put so much energy into it.
Most of us are paralysed by fear, anxiety, emotionally
charged about our problems and challenges. So it keeps us
fixated and stuck in the problem.

Bojan Schianetz: Resistance reminds me also of not accepting something. If
I have an obstacle, if I have a problem and if I accept
this as it is, then I am also giving up resistance at the
same time. So it’s an interesting strategy, isn’t it?

Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah. So one solution is to accept the problem as it is
and let go of the energies and the focus that you’ve been
putting into it and look at the messages that problem is
trying to tell you. What is it that you have to change
about your life? What is the direction that you need to
take moving forward? What are some of the other strategies
and skills you may need to upgrade in your life in order to
solve this issue so that you become a better version of
yourself? So it’s a very interesting thing, except it
doesn’t mean that you condone the situation or you want it
to continue or desire it to continue. It means that you
just don’t have any more emotional charge about that
problem and you’re going to move into the solution mindset
with clarity and ease and where the possibilities can
actually come forth unto you.

Bojan Schianetz: Let’s talk about an example to have a practical example.
Smoking, did you ever smoke?

Dr. Dzung Price: No, I haven’t.

Bojan Schianetz: Oh, good. I was trying smoking, many years ago as a
teenager, but it wasn’t a real problem for me. But I see
many clients and for them, smoking maybe or was sometimes a
huge problem. They couldn’t give it up. They tried and
tried. They couldn’t give it up. So do you have any idea
how they could handle this problem easier?

Dr. Dzung Price: Well, when you have a smoking problem, if you look at
that, you have to look at what is it trying to tell me. A
smoking problem is really the solution for feeling tense.
So that’s what the solution is, is that you’re looking at
relaxation. So you’re using smoking to achieve relaxation.
So really you can then open your options to what else can I
do to feel relaxed and comfortable under a stressful
condition? How can I better manage my stress? So that, in
the problem itself, you will see the seeds of the solution.
So let’s look at any other example about a cranky husband
or a cranky spouse, irritating, one who’s manipulative,
possessive, or controlling and we’ll blame them because we
want to change them and fix them, right?

Bojan Schianetz: Yes.

Dr. Dzung Price: So they’re not a problem to us anymore.

Bojan Schianetz: So that’s interesting, you introduced a certain level as
sort of an additional dimension of the problem is telling
us something. I mean in the relationship it’s the same. So
if I have something that I don’t like, I can ask myself,
“Oh what is this telling me? Or what do I have to learn
with this problem or with my partner or my colleague and so
on?” This is really mind blowing. So it’s really very

Dr. Dzung Price: Yes, because our partners are just a mirror for what we
need to learn and grow.

Bojan Schianetz: Yes.

Dr. Dzung Price: The problem is really a reflection for the things that we
need to do to change within ourselves, because we can’t
change them. We can only change ourselves. So, really, it
might be telling you maybe you need to look at more
freedom. Maybe what the solution is that you want to have
more self interests or feel more self-empowered and look
for strategies to help you feel good without concern about
trying to change your irritating spouse.

Bojan Schianetz: Well, that’s difficult, isn’t it?

Dr. Dzung Price: Yes. What about people who have health problems? Lots of
people come and see you with health problems and they are
really focused on their disease, their conditions.

Bojan Schianetz: Actually, it’s interesting these strategies that we are
talking about can be applied in all areas in your life.

Dr. Dzung Price: The more you have a disease, and the more you have a
condition, and the more you, whatever you resist, persists.
So you put energy into the disease, condition, it’s going
to persist and hang around. So, if you start moving to the
visualisation of the state of what you want to be, which is
vibrantly healthy and happy and full of energy, you are
then going to move your energy level to the state of
possibility. You open that pathway for possibility, which
is where you want to go, and then you will attract the
opportunities, the people, and circumstances to help you
create the solution.

So one of the things I want to suggest to you, we want to
suggest to you, is that when you are confronted with a
problem or a challenge in your life, start to look at what
would it be like if I was in the solution of this right
now, where I’m actually on the other side of that obstacle,
feeling, having overcome that problem, having successfully
navigated through that whole journey, and then think about
that and really feel how good that is, because you can
bring the feeling of that into your body right now and
you’re more likely by synchronicity and serendipity to
attract the solution into your current reality, because
that’s actually the ability to magically evaporate your
problem by using ways to manifest a solution in a more
effortless way.

Bojan Schianetz: Yes, I find, for me personally, the solution mindset is
probably one of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my life.
Not staying, hanging in the problem, it’s like being in a
box and you can’t break out. If you go into your solution
mindset, you dissolve the box around you. You see suddenly
so many other possibilities. I find that’s huge.

Dr. Dzung Price: And I love telling my patients, when they are in their
disease state, just think about what it’s like to be
vibrantly healthy, happy, with the resources that you
already have, having already surmounted that problem,
remember, and really play with our imagination. There’s no
difference between imagination and reality. So really
simulate it and act as if you’ve already achieved that, and
it’s going to automatically much more effortlessly be
attracted into your life. Then the other thing that you can
also do is ask a couple of questions of yourself. What are
the resources I need to overcome this problem right now?
How can I use this problem to upgrade my life? How can I
use this problem to better improve the world around me and
my current situation?

Bojan Schianetz: Yeah, also to grow, to personally grow. Remember the
problem is telling you something, and you use this problem
to develop yourself professionally, personally. It’s an

Dr. Dzung Price: Absolutely.

Bojan Schianetz: So it’s great.

Dr. Dzung Price: It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to really become a
better version of you.

Bojan Schianetz: Yeah.

Dr. Dzung Price: So, really, think about it. Inside the problem there’s
always a solution, and I want you to embrace opportunity,
to really enthusiastically really look at your problems in
a new way, new perspective because it can be really fun
when you do that. Play with your imagination, and therefore
you can magically transform your life with much more ease.

Bojan Schianetz: Okay great, and if you have any comments, please comment
on this video, and I wish you all the best.

Dr. Dzung Price: And this is Dr. Dzung Price.

Bojan Schianetz: This is Bojan Schianetz from

How Important is Earthing and Grounding to Your Health?

An intelligent way to escape the damaging effects of electromagnetic activity is through Grounding. Grounding connects us to Nature and to the healing power of the NOW.

Nature is the ultimate source of health and healing. Grounding allows you re-energise the elements within the body that determine how strong and vibrantly you live as well as tap into Nature’s powerful and free anti-oxidant.

Dr Dzung Price describes why grounding activities can literarily save your life and some of the specific health benefits that grounding delivers to reduce inflammation and chronic diseases in our bodies such as hypertension, cardiac diseases, pain and arthritis etc.

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Dr. Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV. Actually, at the
moment what I’m doing is I’m taking my shoes off because I’m in the base of
Mt. Coot-tha and it is a fabulous place. Where I am is among the rocks. You
can see the bubbling creek here, and I come here in the morning to really
get grounded again.

Today I wanted to just talk a little bit more about grounding and the
benefits of grounding, and why I believe with such a passion that this is
going to be the healing modality of the future. Because guess why?
Grounding and earthing is actually free. It costs you nothing. All you have
to do is get it and bring it to your awareness.

What I’ve found in my practice for grounding is that people underestimate
the importance of it. They don’t realise that the 21st century at the
moment that we live in is just full of interferences to our body’s
energetic field and also the electricity that naturally runs through our
body gets interfered with from sleeping in wireless technology, Wi-Fi. When
we’re sitting at computers and we’re in an office environment, we’re
disconnected from nature, and we don’t get access to the outside fresh air
and to the grounding, healing aspects of the earth.

I had a patient, for example, just the other day who came and saw me for
review because she had pelvic pain for two years. Do you know that she was
about to sign up for an operation on her ovaries. The specialist had told
her that she had this pelvic pain for two years, on Panadeine for it every
day. Really, they were going to look at removing her ovaries because they
thought that might be the reason why she had this mysterious pelvic pain
that no scan, MRI, CT, ultrasound, they could not find out a cause. So she
was going to have this prophylactic surgery.

Well, after I told her to go and spend one hour every morning walking her
dog in bare feet, and I told her to remove wireless technology from her
house, so she had to shut that down so that she was not sleeping in
ultrasound, in microwave radiation.

Then I told her also to get rid of all the cordless phones in her bedroom.
She had a cordless phone right next to her bedside head, which actually the
whole unit emits radiation. So she got rid of all that. She wasn’t charging
her laptop in her bedroom, and she was then able to sleep, like she had
sleeping problems. So after that, she was sleeping perfectly. I think this
is one of the underestimated causes of people’s rising insomnia rates these

In two weeks of doing those things, plus taking some electromagnetic detox
salts that I prescribed for her that she puts in her water every day, in
two weeks she had no pain. She was pain free. She did not have to take
Panadeine for it every day, and she avoided a major operation. So it is
just remarkable.

I want to really emphasise some of the benefits of grounding and earthing,
to avail yourself of all the natural free electrons that actually
accumulate on this ground. It’s the following:

You will get the electrons coming up through your kidney meridians, the K-1
point, which is down here. That actually helps to revitalise. So the K-1
down here, that’s a very important kidney point, and it runs up your leg
and it feeds into your adrenals at the back here.

Your adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidney, determine your energy.
It helps create energy in your body. It is also the source of your jing
essence, which determines how long you’re going to live and your
constitutional life force.

So one of the things that when you’re standing grounded with the electrons
coming up is you’re actually replenishing your battery, your battery of
jing essence, which is going to determine how strong and vibrantly you
live. We don’t want to deplete that.

The other benefit, so that you actually help to recharge yourself for a
fact, and secondly, these electrons, the life-giving electrons, they reduce
inflammation in the body. People with pain in the body, inflammation, it’s
a natural anti-inflammatory.

So I know that when I sleep at my brother’s place – I sleep at my brother’s
place overnight when I’m in Brisbane – and he has wireless in his house.
He’s an ophthalmologist and he doesn’t listen to me. He won’t turn it off.
So therefore I’m sleeping there with wireless technology, and when I wake
up, I have pains in my body, I’m stiff, and I’m tired and sluggish. So
that’s why I end up coming out to places that Mount Coot-tha here, to
recharge my body. So important!

But the other benefits that you can get from grounding and earthing is that
it actually thins your blood. So those of you who have high blood pressure,
cardiovascular problems, heart issues, stroke, just grounding itself will
help you thin your blood and make your blood less thick and viscous, which
is really, really going to improve your cardiovascular risks.

So there are a few of the benefits, and there are many more, and I’ll talk
to you about them as we go along because I don’t want to overwhelm you.
It’s just a little bit of information that you can do every day.

Okay. So this is Dr. Dzung Price from See you next

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