Can you believe it! Problems that have been your biggest enemies for so long, are in reality, the solutions you’ve actually been craving all along! But how is this possible? Aren’t problems meant to be the things in life that rip the ground from under us and cause us pain? Aren’t problems just obstacles that have to be over come and solved? How can they possibly be the solutions to our problems?

The thing is, every problem carries a hidden message that reveals a magic solution. But what might be stopping you from finding it is your ability to interpret the hidden message problems conceal. Dr Dzung Price, reveals the powerful hidden messages that problems provide, that when understood have the transformational ability to turn your life, instantly, right side up!

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Dr. Dzung Price, co-founder of I’m just here at beautiful Palm Beach and I’ve had a gorgeous swim in the morning and it’s just been exquisite. The water is just perfect temperature today. I wanted to just share some thoughts today about how every problem can be a solution to something else.

Now most of us have problems in our lives. It frustrates us. It challenges us. It puts us in a corner sometimes and we don’t know where to turn. So I’d like to raise a different perspective of how you can view problems today. If you have problems in your life and you want to be an accelerated creator in your life, manifest what you want with ease and grace in your body, well there are different ways people can handle it.

Now, I personally have had a lot of challenges in my life with problems in my personal life, financial life, and career life, and I really had to master the art of turning problems around. Now, a reality or accelerated creator will see a problem as a benefit. He will look at problems and see the positive in that problem. He will look for the solution, and he will take the bull by the horn and not only ride that bull but take that bull to a better place. He sees how that problem actually serves him.

So let me give you some examples. Take, for example, a guy named Bob and he’s just lost his job today. Well, that is great. He now has just got the opportunity to pursue his passion, to do what he loves, and take the time out to attract abundance in his life, if he chooses to do so. Now, if you say, for example, the Brisbane floods that have devastated thousands of homes over the last couple of weeks. Well there, the people’s lives have been turned upside down, but it has been a really good opportunity for the community spirit to shine, for a fellow human being to show the love and support to each other, and really it’s been a magnificent opportunity to people to contribute and show a charity to people they don’t even know and that’s been fantastic for the whole community.

If, for example, you’ve lost money, whether it be $10,000 or $500,000, well that is a perfect opportunity to show how a loss can be translated into a gain, and you can do what you can to show that that is actually possible. If I have a headache or a backache, I actually look at the message that the body is telling me. You know, what is it trying to tell me? That I have to change my behaviour. I have to relax a bit more. I might even try out my self-healing skills to see how I can turn that around. So there are a lot of opportunities for things to happen. If a guy has a wife who’s dumped him, well he now has a perfect opportunity to go inside and see how he can become a better person next time around.

So, really, in every problem there are seeds of opportunity and seeds of the solution if the way you look at it changes. It’s really about how you look at the problem and your perceptual bias with which you view it.