A hot, frothy chocolate elixir on a cold day can warm you up for hours, especially when you add some of the powerful concentrated herbal extracts that when consumed regularly, will charge your body with everlasting strength, healing and energy. The mucopolysaccharides, beta glucans, alkaloikds, phytonutrients in these herbs have the capacity to intelligently heal your body. This is where food truly becomes your medicine.

I have been experimenting with these supertonic herbal elixirs into my daily regime for months and really feel the benefits coming through as an increased adaptability and resistance to stress and more stamina and energy. And the added benefit is that it also tastes great! A far cry from the usual foul tasting horrible smelling medicines we come to equate with healing.

To make a simple hot chocolate elixir, you can take any tea base (gynostemma is my favourite, goji berries, cinnamon, pau d’arco etc) and then add coconut oil and/or cacao butter to create a creamy consistency, then add any additional powders to give the drink substance along with your favourite sweetener for flavour.

From this basic recipe, you can build upon it and expand the ingredients you use to create your own unique delicious and healthy beverage!


Video Transcription

Hi. This is Dr. Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health, and tonight I’m going to make, teach you how to make a makuna mocha. This is a perfect drink for when it’s a cold winter night or evening and you want to get a little bit of strength and you want to feel a bit more vital. This drink is going to really bring back some oomph into your life. If you drink it on a regular basis, it’ll really build you up because it’s going to be composed of quite a number of different herbs, particularly Chinese or medicinal herbs, and also some powerful antioxidants and super foods.

So, just to show you how to make a tonifying elixir base, what we’re going to do to start off with is you need a tea base. You need any type of tea, but usually the kind of tea I like to use as a tea base is gynostemma tea and this tea, you want to have a look there, just look, they’re just basically tea leaves. This particular one comes from China. It’s used in the Chinese tonic system and it’s a very powerful Chinese anti-oxidant tea. It’s also called immortality tea because of its anti-aging properties. It helps stabilise blood sugar, has great adaptogenic properties and that means that it will help mitigate the effects of stress on the body. So, if you drink this over a period of time, you’ll feel stronger, more vital. You get younger. It actually even helps you lose weight, so that’s another benefit for most people. So all you do with this tea is you put about a teaspoon into some hot water and leave it sit there for a period of time until it basically sinks down, and then you can use that as a tea base.

Another option that I’ve just prepared here that I like to use also is goji berries and cinnamon. Now, all I’ve done is I’ve boiled goji berries and this is a certified organic goji berry that you can buy at your health food store. You put about two teaspoons of goji berry into two to three cups of water, ideally spring water or filtered water. Also get some cinnamon stick, preferably the Savon cinnamon quills. So, you’ll recognize those because they actually have quite tight quills inside. So they’re really great and you use a couple of this in with the goji berry and you can see this has already been boiled and then simmered for about 30 minutes.

Now, you’ll see the instructions for this on the link on the link that I’ve posted down below. But, essentially, once it’s been brought to boiling point and then simmered for about 30 to 40 minutes, you’ll get all the anti-oxidant properties from the gogi berries into the tea now. It’s a fantastic base that I like to use for my tea tonic.

So, you can see here, now the tea is inside there. Then what you actually need to make the super tea tonic elixir is you’re going to need to get something that has some calories in it. But we’re going to use coconut oil because it makes your elixir more malt like. Otherwise, it’s going to be very, very light and it won’t be pleasant to drink. So I put about a tablespoon of coconut, raw organic coconut oil, and you can also put some honey to make it sweet. You can also use stevia. I just like to use organic raw honey. You can get that from the health food store. I’ll pop that into right there, a tablespoon or a teaspoon, depending on your taste. I don’t like to make it too sweet. So sometimes if you want to have no calories, just use some stevia. That’s a nice sweetener.

Then we want to bring in some cacoa. Cacoa is a nice fantastic super food. This has over 300 compounds, and this is the substance that chocolates are made out of and it’s got theobromine. It’s made from theobromine cacoa beans. It’s a really good source of minerals, particularly magnesium, zinc. It has also iron and copper and is source of fibre as well. In addition to that, it can make you feel happy. So that’s really, really very good. You want to add some of this into the, I’d say you use about a tablespoon of the cacoa powder, just a little bit more or less according to taste. I like to mix that with a teaspoon of maca. Maca is a very, very good endocrine system, so about a tablespoon of maca, helps regulate your endocrine system, helps hormonal imbalance naturally. So that’s very good to add in to that.

And what else can we add? Then you can bring in some shilajit. Shilajit actually comes from the Ayurveda medicinal system, and they call it a conqueror of mountains and a destroyer of weakness, for good reasons because this is a powerful medicinal herb. It actually comes from, it’s made out of exudates that come from rocks, the hummus, and organic sort of like plant base material. It has that sort of like a little bit of a bitter taste, so just use a small amount of it, I’d use about a teaspoon of that. It’s very, very powerful substance that helps increase libido, strength, vitality. It cures a lot of illnesses. People use this is Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. So really good to add to help increase your strength and vitality.

Then you can do a range of herbs, but as we’re making makuna mocha, I like to add some moccona. Now, makuna is a wonderful Chinese herb that actually increases dopamine. It’s dopamine in your brain, so dopamine is a very, very powerful neurotransmitter in the brain. You add about a teaspoon of this. It’s actually a quite pleasant taste so I don’t mind this one. It actually helps your brain work better. It lifts your mood. It actually helps with libido. It makes you feel like you’ve got more power and strength and stamina.

So, if you add all these into a drink, it’s just a very, very powerful way of getting a whole lot of super foods as well as the medicinal properties of herbs into your system that is easy to absorb because you’re going to basically liquefy it into the elixir and it’s just really easy to add to your lifestyle. The best thing is if it tastes good, you’re more likely to drink it.

So I’m going to blend it up and get back to you in a moment. Okay, I’ve mixed it now in my super duper Vitamix blender. I do recommend you get a very good blender because you just can blend anything from your herbs, your spices, your ginger, nuts and seeds and all that all to make your wonderful, beautifying elixir. So I’ve made it now and it’s going to look like a chocolate because it has cacoa and maca in it. You can mix a number of wonderful tasting, wonderful herbs that are going to help you really strengthen your jing or your primordial life force. If you drink this every day, you’re going to be able to have health beyond dainty. You’ll be able to resist stress. You’re going to build organ reserve and you’ll be able to get younger, have better skin and more energy, and that’s the way we want to live life when we get older. We certainly don’t want to see aging as an inevitable process where we deteriorate and we get degenerative disease. That’s just not my idea of aging gracefully.

So by incorporating some of these lifestyle practices, I really encourage you to just take note and take some baby steps because I’m going to show you a couple more different types of recipes that you can incorporate into your life and really enjoy.

Now, you can make this and that tastes quite divine. Optionally, if you want to make it creamier, you can use almond milk, and almond milk is a nut milk made out of almonds and just water. Then you basically sieve it through a nut milk bag. But you can use other milk if you wish, like rice milk or oat milk or just drink it straight as it is. It’s pretty creamy because of the coconut oil that you have in there.

So I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time. This is Dr. Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health.