“How to Make And Use Kombucha Tea And Supercharge Your Immune System” with Dr Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv. Today what I would
like to show you is an amazing, inexpensive way to add cultured fermented
foods into your diet. We’re going to actually show you how to make some
kombucha tea.

Kombucha tea is a very ancient healing beverage that’s a fabulous drink.
It’s very healthy for you. It’s been used for thousands of years for
cleansing, for detoxification, for improving the digestive system and
helping you maintain a healthy immune system.

What I’d like to show you is how simple it is to make your own kombucha tea
which will save you a ton of money, for really essentially cents on the

As you can see, in here we have the scoby, which is actually a mushroom-
like culture. Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of binary yeast. It’s
really like a jelly-like type of membrane culture. It looks like a
mushroom. It’s not a mushroom. It’s composed of layers of tatsu [SP],
beneficial yeast and bacteria. It sits in a nutrient, which is a solution
of black or green tea and sugar. This is the amount of sugar that you might
have to put in to make the drink. You don’t have to be frightened about
that amount of sugar because by the time the scoby culture is finished with
it, that sugar is mostly gone because it uses that as fuel.

I’ll show you how I actually make this at home. I’ve shown a couple of
containers that you can use to make a kombucha tea. You can preferably use
glass or ceramic, but definitely not plastic or metal because it will eat
away at that. I found a really great container from Myers, by Maxwell
Williams. It’s just perfect because it has a nice, big, wide mouth. It’s
even really good for the sauerkraut as well. I love this container. I just
bought it recently.

You want to get a pot, for example a teapot. I just make mine in a good,
ordinary teapot. I take some hot water and add it to the teapot. You want
to use filtered water, not distilled water or dead water. A good, filtered
water would be ideal. Spring water is even better.

Then you add to that a couple of teaspoons of either black or green tea. I
like green tea because it has a lot of antioxidants in it. It’s not as
strong as black tea and has less caffeine than black tea. A couple of
teaspoons will make enough, or you could use five teabags if you don’t have
the herbal leaves.

Then you add in about 50 or 60 grams of sugar, either raw sugar or white
sugar. Kombucha is extremely healing. It has so many beneficial anti-aging
properties. A lot of people drink it because it will improve your skin. It
has a lot of health benefits, as I said before. Cleansing, improving your
immune system, for helping you stay younger, essentially. You want a nice
little cocktail that you can make yourself at home for pennies on the
dollar. It’s a really good beverage to start adding into your repertoire in
your kitchen.

So essentially, that’s it. It’s just black tea or green tea and sugar, and
then I would leave this to cool completely down. You don’t want to add hot
tea to your kombucha culture because that’s going to kill off the culture.
This will turn this culture into a fantastic beverage for you and your
family to enjoy.

Now I’ve got my tea that has completely cooled down, the tea that contains
sugar and my green tea. I will want to transfer most of this kombucha drink
to a different container. Leave about 10% at the bottom. You can filter
this, if you like. You can see it’s almost effervescent. It looks like
champagne, and it has a slightly sweet/sour vinegar taste.

You will actually leave this kombucha to ferment for about 10 to 14 days,
depending on the temperature. Obviously, in summer in places like
Australia, it’s going to ferment a lot quicker than in cold places. If
you’re in a cold place, you might want to use a heating element underneath
to keep the temperature constant. But otherwise, in somewhere like sunny
Queensland, where I live, where the weather is just gorgeous and beautiful
and temperate all year round, you want to leave it for about 10 to 14 days.
Occasionally, taste it until you see that it’s actually just the right

The medicinal value comes when it’s almost like vinegar and it has a really
particular smell to it, much like apple cider vinegar. You can see that now
I’ve got only about 10% left in that culture. You want to use some of that
to start the new culture, and then just add in the tea that you’ve cooled
down. I’ll add that in now. I normally filter it so I get all the tea
leaves out. And that is it.

I normally will fill it right up to the top. You now have basically a
little chemical factory that makes a lot of organic acids like glucuronic
acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acids, citric acid, as well as enzymes like
bromelain papain, which helps you digest your protein, break down proteins,
and really help rejuvenate your body and helps repair your body. It also
contains some vitamins, especially B vitamins, which is helpful for energy
and vitality and the cleansing process.

This nutrient-rich, healing beverage is just fabulous for transforming your
health and is particularly good for your digestive system. So if you have
issues like constipation or acne or skin problems, then you’ve got to
really know that all starts with the gut. You can start to cultivate your
digestive system with friendly bacteria in a way that is very easy to
drink. It tastes a little bit like champagne.

Sometimes if I want to really spoil myself, I will actually have some
kombucha, and then I’ll add a little bit of champagne to it, maybe about
ten percent champagnes. This is what I did over Christmas. Really, it
actually tastes divine. You can really make a drink that’s extremely good
for you. You can see it’s almost effervescent now. You can strain out the
little debris that collects down at the bottom.

This will be a fabulous tool for you and your family to enjoy and really
transform your health, vitality, and beauty at a cellular level.

This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.com.