“How to Use Kombucha Tea With Super Nutrients” with Dr Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV.

Video Transcription

Hi. This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv. Welcome back. I’m
going to show you a variation on the kombucha tea that is really wonderful
for your health and vitality that you can just use to supercharge your

I probably drink about two glasses of kombucha tea a day. Most days I add
in a lot of the other super foods or super nutrients that I would take in
with my kombucha tea, because it just makes more sense that I can add a lot
of things together.

I’m going to show you a couple of steps that I do to actually create this.
I call it the aloe vera kombucha tea or coconut kefir margarita.

I just have a blender. I would take my kombucha tea, which is in this
wonderful container. To remind you, when you store your kombucha, you like
to do it in a dark container. I would use a tea cloth, something like that,
cover it very lightly and loose, and you put a rubber band on top, in
something that allows the kombucha culture to breathe. I personally like
containers like a casserole dish and you can put a lid on, but it’s loose
enough so that there’s oxygen getting to the kombucha culture.

Now you might add a cup of kombucha tea. You can add more or less, whatever
takes your fancy. If you don’t want it strong, you can dilute it with an
equal amount of filtered water as well. Then I would add in the juice of
one lemon.

I take some aloe vera from my garden. I don’t bother actually taking the
leaves or the sides off; I put the whole thing in. You can use a small one
or a big fat one like I have. You can use as much as you like, according to
taste. Since this is quite a big one, I’m going to probably use half of
that and pop that it. Aloe vera is a super food. It has wonderful healing
properties for the digestive system. It’s very cleansing as well.

You can stop here, and basically with that add some stevia to make it a
little bit sweeter. Not much stevia. It depends on your taste. I just add a
pinch. It’s also good to add a little bit of sea salt to make it sweeter. A
pinch of sea salt is great. I’ve already got some in my lemon drink.

I also use the CHI Detox Formula One, which we actually have in our clinic.
It’s a fabulous way to open up all your elimination channels – your liver,
your kidneys, the lymphatics, the digestive system – so that the toxins can
drain easily out of your organs. I would put in 30 drops of that into this

From here, it’s all optional. You can add in a teaspoon of MSM,
methylsulfonylmethane, which is a sulfur mineral, a buchi mineral as well.
You can add a teaspoon of that to your drink. It’s wonderful. It has anti-
inflammatory benefits, and it’s also very good for the skin, hair and
nails. It helps rebuild connective tissue.

You can also add in any other minerals that you might have on hand in your
kitchen. Some magnesium drops for me, some trace elements. As I said, these
are all optional. You can add some vitamin C.

This really allows me to have one drink that delivers fantastic healing
benefits to my body and my immune system every day. From here I’m going to
take it to my blender and then I’ll see you in a few moments.

So that’s basically blend it up. I’m going to pop it into a glass. I can
use this one here. You can see that it’s nice and foamy. It has a slightly
green tint because of the aloe vera. It’s just beautiful to drink.

If it’s a little bit strong, you can either dilute it with water, or you
can actually substitute the kombucha tea with coconut kefir, which I love
as well. Coconut kefir is very good, full of enzymes and friendly bacteria.

Wow, that is amazing. That’s really going to help me have a lot more energy
today. I’m about to go and visit parents on their farm.

Ciao. This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.tv