Qi Gong for Gentle Practices to Increase Energy, Restore Health, and Relax the Mind

A saying is; “You can’t put an old head on young shoulders” and many of us wish that we could enjoy the wisdom that we have cultivated in our older years to benefit us in our younger days.

Here, I share with you some powerful insights about a very powerful self-healing tool that is in my opinion, is the best anti-aging strategy you can employ to increase your energy, supercharge your immune system, develop inner peace and enhance longevity.  What I am talking about is the wisdom cultivated from the powerful ancient healing and energy system of Qi Gong, developed in China over 2500 years ago. Since 1987, I have been training with Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and this has helped me to keep my body strong, vital and flexible, and my mind calm and balanced over many years.  In fact, I can say that my mind-body system is so much stronger and more powerful than even 20 years ago.

Qi Gong Combines Ancient Wisdom And Modern Science

You may have heard of Qi Gong, it is a combination of two principals: qi, is the Life Force that permeates all living beings, and gong, the skill of working with this force. Qi Gong consists primarily of meditation, breathing exercises, postural stretching, deep breathing low-impact conditioning and isometrix. Qi Gong is also divided in 4 categories. One is the Medical Qi Gong, then Spiritual Qi Gong, Sports Qi Gong and Martial Arts Qi Gong. Qi Gong is easy to learn, but mastering it requires dedication and perseverance. And very important, if Qi Gong is practiced correctly, it does not has any side effects.

Qi Gong has roots in the ancient Chinese Taoist system that has been around for over 5000 years. In the early 1980’s, scientists in China began to study the medical benefits claimed for qigong. Since then, research on hundreds of medical applications of qigong have been reported in the Chinese literature and all over the world.

Qi Gong Stands For Superlative Health and Anti-Aging Benefits

Qi Gong has a strong body of clinical and experimental proof. Perhaps the most important benefit of Qi Gong lies in its ability to profoundly reduce stress in the body-mind system. Persistent stress creates physical and mental tension, leading to a host of illnesses and disease.  The practice of Qi Gong teaches you to deal intelligently with stress, harness deep, inner calm and peace whilst keeping the body relaxed, supple and strong.

Qi Gong strengthens the heart muscle and increases the amount of blood flow circulating around the body.  As a result more oxygen can be delivered to the tissues allowing a better detoxification. Good circulation is very important for healthy brain functioning. Did you know that the brain utilizes 20 percent of all available oxygen of your body? For this reason a deficiency of oxygenated blood can expose you to migraines, headaches and also mood swings. This also explain why Qi Gong helps with memory and retards senility.

There is scientific studies that show Qi Gong lowering high blood pressure and heart rate. I believe that the relaxation and abdominal breathing causes the blood vessels to relax, which can be the cause for a blood pressure reduction in combination with the relaxation effect.

Qi Gong Can Improve Brain Function

Another area you can improve with Qi Gong is your Digestive System. For example abdominal breathing stimulates and massages your digestive organs. I have also experienced that Qi Gong improves appetite. I have observed regularly an increased production of saliva during and also after my Qi Gong practice. I assume that Qi Gong also stimulates hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, so that optimal levels are maintained with advanced age. As you perhaps know, reduced hydrochloric acid levels and bad digestion are the classical signs of aging. Qi Gong is also strengthening the muscles that push food through the alimentary canal.

As well as improving the heart, circulatory and digestive system, there is also evidence that Qi Gong can improve brain function. There is evidence that Qi Gong slows down brain waves, from the beta, which is the state when we are fully conscious and active, to alpha or even slower. The alpha state is a state of lets say relaxed concentration during a typical meditation. What is interesting is that if you focus on with a certain intention or goal during your Qi Gong practice, then more powerful alpha waves are produced in the left side of your brain, which is related more to cognitive or rational functions. And if you keep you mind empty, or you are practicing with simply awareness, then the right brain hemisphere is more stimulated.

Another most important benefit of Qi Gong is the positive effect on the immune system. My personal experience for the last 23 years is that I hardly have had any sick days since I have been practicing Qi Gong. There is a lot of evidence of the immune-enhancing effects coming from cancer research in China, where Qi Gong is commonly prescribed as an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation. And finally the emotional effect of Qi Gong is as important than the energetic effect. Also, by practicing Qi Gong the patient can feel more empowered by being able to do something for themself. Numerous studies have shown that self-empowered patients have a more positive mindset and recover faster from any kind of disease.

As the benefits of Qi Gong are too numerous to cover in detail here, I will cover just a few of the important benefits in short video. 

Qi Gong A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

After listening to all these amazing health benefits it is not surprising that Qi Gong is in fact an excellent Anti Aging tool. We all know that nobody can change our chronological age, but there is a way to improve many of the biomarkers of aging, or in other words, slowing down or even reversing our biological or functional age. Your major biomarkers of aging are blood pressure, cholesterol levels, kidney function, vision and hearing, bone density, muscle strength, immune function and many more. Qi Gong can definitely help you to reverse your biological age. Another aspect is also the spiritual side of Anti-Aging. I belief if we keep our mind and spirit healthy and young, our body stays young too.

I hope you can now appreciate the tremendous value of practicing Qi Gong. It has changed my life and I hope I could motivate and inspire you to start with your Qi Gong exercises as soon as possible. A good start could be my DVD “The Healing Art Of Qi Gong”, or another good way to start is to participate in one of my upcoming seminars.